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Paris - a place to be - part 1 - Pere Lachaise

This year turned out to be outstandingly kind - in the October I spent one week in Paris. So what would a typical goth do during the first day in this awesome city? Of course he would pay a visit to the most beautiful graveyard in the world (it is only my subjective opinion: P). Obviously I'm talking about Pere Lachaise.

We were supposed to jump there literally for 2 hours, but it took us all day :D It is impossible to describe an atmosphere of this place! All dark corners, innumerable quantity of beautifully decorated gravestones and sculptures, spider webs hanging on the rusty doors of graves, alleys which seem to pull ad infinitum... The cemetery is so lovely that it keeps on taking your breath away, minute after minute. Personally, I could settle there: D

must for every Dead Can Dance fan <3 Impressive!!!

 bats bats bats! <3

We also had a very unpleasant situation - the authorities of the graveyard having seen us doing photographs, took us for a "drama group" (?!?!?!?!) being influenced by (how they called it) "our unusual clothes" and told us to stop shooting, otherwise we're in big trouble. We were dressed just black, nothing special, the friend of mine was wearing a hat and I had pants with some sort of lacy material attached ( I guess that's something weird to see by normal people...). Say what you like, but being suspected of something like that in the capital of fashion is absolutely outrageous. We had to go to the cemetery office, talk to the bunch of people, show our photos and proof that we're no drama group, we only here for sightseeing. They let us go, but we felt almost like being accused for killing somebody:/. Bad luck.



 Jim Morrison's grave

Don't even dream about coming closer... It's surrounded by crash barrier and security guys keep their eye on them all the time...

camera grave? :)

me and my friends, Wojtek and Ania :)

Anyway, apart from this we had a great time there and I would definitely come back to Pere Lachaise. If you haven't been there - it's a must for each goth :D

BTW, do You know any interesting cemetries across Europe? :)

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  1. Odpowiedzi
    1. thank You! :) It was worth to take my camera to Paris, although it weights a lot :D

  2. How beautiful! I am so jealous, I am dying (literally lol) to visit that cemetery and Morrison´s grave of course! Looks like a place you can dwell in for days on end!
    We have a very old jewish cemetery in Berlin, which I yet to visit properly, they have very specific opening times and it´s best to come for a couple of hours. There is also a cemetery in the forest Grünewald in Berlin where Nico from The Velvet Underground is buried, need to go there too, but it´s accessible best by bikes as there is no public transport around.

  3. What the hell with the situation of suspecting you of something :x One could think such prejudice based on regular(!) clothing happens only in Poland, I don't even want to think what could possibly happen if you were dressed more theatrically. Or maybe there was a sign forbiding taking photos? But that would be even stranger O_o
    Awww, I envy you finding the grave from the Realm of the Dying Sun <3 (the lack of quotation marks is on purpose! :D) You make me want to visit my friend who lives currently in Paris, just to take that one obligatory goth photo XD