piątek, 12 grudnia 2014

I want to become this fog forever

The session I want to share with You today was carried out over 2 years ago, somewhere in the woods of northern Poland. Every time I look at these images I appreciate getting up about 4 in the morning and shoot. In some strange half-sleep, driving along misty roads and one hour after, transforming myself into someone completely different.

I have a huge fondness to it. I look at these photographs and I move into other, better world. Would like to settle in this fog, to become a part for her.

I wish autumn could last forever because it is definitely my time of the year. Then I am waking up, become more creative, the mind seems to be more open for absorbing everything. Everyone around is complaining, that it's cold, that it's dark, that all sucks, but me - I feel alive.

When it comes to fetishes, autumn fogs, surrealism in all forms and masks are definitely something for me. But I'll write about this, someday, soon...:)

2 komentarze:

  1. trzecie zdjęcie jest niesamowite!

    1. to było piękne miejsce, cholernie za nim tęsknie.. teraz mieszkam na drugim końcu Polski i żałuję, że nie zrobiłam więcej zdjęć...

      Dziękuję! :*