środa, 3 grudnia 2014

The first!

Greetings to all bats!

So nice to have my own private space to share my life with You, guys. I used to have several blogs before, none of them survived because of  lack of time and other things but this time I want to make it right :) So keep fingers crossed!

This blog is called Black Invious and my name is Joanna but my friends call me Invi . I'm 25 goth girl born and raised in Wroclaw/ southern Poland. I'm a photographer on a daily basis, occasionally I also have fun as a model. Some of You may know me from other nickname that I use online - Invisiblemartyr -> if you google this - you can discover more about my work or simply can use the links I've attached on this page:)

I'm gonna share my gothy life here and everything that is connected to so-called gothic culture and lifestyle - that includes fashion, art, music, DIY & crafts, event reviews, goth inspirations and all other stuff. Hope You enjoy this site, I really want to make new friends from all over the world!

So I guess it's all for the first time :) Stay tuned for more :)


2 komentarze:

  1. Yay! Wish you luck with blogging, cant wait for the posts!

    1. I'm gonna need it :D but thank you my Dear, I'll try to do my best!