If somehow You found this site among the I-net, I'm really happy. My name is Joanna and I'm 25 years old goth girl from Poland, totally in love with anything connected with gothic lifestyle and culture.

I'm a photographer on a daily basis, occasionally I also have fun as a model. Some of You may know me from other nickname that I use online - Invisiblemartyr -> if you google this - you can discover more about my work or simply can use the links I've attached on this page :)
Black Invious is my personal space to share my thoughts on all things gothic, including music, fashion, art, DIY, inspirations of all kind and more. Hopefully You'll find something interesting here and be back soon. You're always more than welcome!

photography | art | gothic culture & lifestyle | music | literature | poetry | alternative fashion | horrors & thrillers | tattoos | DIY & crafts | cooking | animal skulls | oddities | woods | occult | parapsychology | black color | travels | poetry | victorian era | cats | silver jewelry | autumn | candles | concerts & festivals | being quiet | darkness | sleeping |

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