wtorek, 13 stycznia 2015


Today I'd like to show You my perfect Christmas gift, which I bought lately - Raven skull pendant from Raven Ranch Studio on Etsy.

Oh, what a lovely thing...! Having this skull was one of my biggest dreams as I'm quite obsessed with anything associated with animal skulls, especially birds!
I received a small package with square carton box inside, decorated with red ribbon. There was also a "thank-you card"for me which I find really cute:) The skull itself is made of resin but from the first sight I thought it was real! Eye sockets are filled with soil so it looks like it was just digged from the ground. 

As a hand made lover I must say I'm really impressed by the work it was put to create this precious thing<3 Definitely, it's the most beautiful piece of jewelry I own at the moment.


If You'd like to have one of these I recommend checking out RavenRanch on


czwartek, 18 grudnia 2014

Paris - a place to be - part 1 - Pere Lachaise

This year turned out to be outstandingly kind - in the October I spent one week in Paris. So what would a typical goth do during the first day in this awesome city? Of course he would pay a visit to the most beautiful graveyard in the world (it is only my subjective opinion: P). Obviously I'm talking about Pere Lachaise.

We were supposed to jump there literally for 2 hours, but it took us all day :D It is impossible to describe an atmosphere of this place! All dark corners, innumerable quantity of beautifully decorated gravestones and sculptures, spider webs hanging on the rusty doors of graves, alleys which seem to pull ad infinitum... The cemetery is so lovely that it keeps on taking your breath away, minute after minute. Personally, I could settle there: D

must for every Dead Can Dance fan <3 Impressive!!!

 bats bats bats! <3

We also had a very unpleasant situation - the authorities of the graveyard having seen us doing photographs, took us for a "drama group" (?!?!?!?!) being influenced by (how they called it) "our unusual clothes" and told us to stop shooting, otherwise we're in big trouble. We were dressed just black, nothing special, the friend of mine was wearing a hat and I had pants with some sort of lacy material attached ( I guess that's something weird to see by normal people...). Say what you like, but being suspected of something like that in the capital of fashion is absolutely outrageous. We had to go to the cemetery office, talk to the bunch of people, show our photos and proof that we're no drama group, we only here for sightseeing. They let us go, but we felt almost like being accused for killing somebody:/. Bad luck.



 Jim Morrison's grave

Don't even dream about coming closer... It's surrounded by crash barrier and security guys keep their eye on them all the time...

camera grave? :)

me and my friends, Wojtek and Ania :)

Anyway, apart from this we had a great time there and I would definitely come back to Pere Lachaise. If you haven't been there - it's a must for each goth :D

BTW, do You know any interesting cemetries across Europe? :)

piątek, 12 grudnia 2014

I want to become this fog forever

The session I want to share with You today was carried out over 2 years ago, somewhere in the woods of northern Poland. Every time I look at these images I appreciate getting up about 4 in the morning and shoot. In some strange half-sleep, driving along misty roads and one hour after, transforming myself into someone completely different.

I have a huge fondness to it. I look at these photographs and I move into other, better world. Would like to settle in this fog, to become a part for her.

I wish autumn could last forever because it is definitely my time of the year. Then I am waking up, become more creative, the mind seems to be more open for absorbing everything. Everyone around is complaining, that it's cold, that it's dark, that all sucks, but me - I feel alive.

When it comes to fetishes, autumn fogs, surrealism in all forms and masks are definitely something for me. But I'll write about this, someday, soon...:)

piątek, 5 grudnia 2014

My oddities part 1 - skulls & bones collection

I'm fascinated with all kinds of oddities, but when it comes to bones my heart definitely beats faster. Can't even explain why but there's something unique in them, something that reminds me the scent of the forest (especially in late autumn and winter), its silence and untamed wildness.

I started to collect them one year ago, truly by chance. I was picking mushrooms with my family and suddenly I found fox skull on the ground. I was pretty surprised because it's kinda rare to find animal skulls here in Poland. You have to know the woods very well and simply know where to look and believe me - it's not that easy :).
The other important thing is fear - the skull was very dirty, kinda eaten by bugs (it must have been there on the ground for some long time). I was afraid to take it home in order not to get any sickness. I searched the I-net for some informations about cleaning and preserving animal skulls and suddenly it turned out there's nothing to be afraid of, you just need to know step by step how to take care of them.

All skulls from my collections were found in the woods, except from cat skull I got as a present. My friend found dead kitty on the road at night (someone had to hit it by car, it's really frequent view, esp. in summer :( ... ). He took it home and clean it for me. It's really delicate and beautiful, look at those tiny teeth <3.

The collection is still growing, I want to have more skulls, esp. bird skulls, but getting them is super tough...
Do You also collect any oddities?:)

ATTENTION - I'M NOT an animal KILLER, NONE of those animals were harmed or killed by me (I would never kill an animal to put his skull on my desk...). All of them were found in the woods.