wtorek, 13 stycznia 2015


Today I'd like to show You my perfect Christmas gift, which I bought lately - Raven skull pendant from Raven Ranch Studio on Etsy.

Oh, what a lovely thing...! Having this skull was one of my biggest dreams as I'm quite obsessed with anything associated with animal skulls, especially birds!
I received a small package with square carton box inside, decorated with red ribbon. There was also a "thank-you card"for me which I find really cute:) The skull itself is made of resin but from the first sight I thought it was real! Eye sockets are filled with soil so it looks like it was just digged from the ground. 

As a hand made lover I must say I'm really impressed by the work it was put to create this precious thing<3 Definitely, it's the most beautiful piece of jewelry I own at the moment.


If You'd like to have one of these I recommend checking out RavenRanch on


4 komentarze:

  1. So beautiful! I'm also interested in bone jewellery, they are so delicate and interesting. So far I only have an oval pendant which has a mouse jaw bone in it.

    1. mouse jaw bone? WOW, sounds pretty interesting! Do You have a photo of it maybe?:)

    2. Yes, you can see it in this post! ^^ http://theaddamsmansion.blogspot.fi/2014/10/autumn.html

  2. That's very impressive for resin! I have a sea bird skull and I've always wanted to wear it, but it's too big and fragile for a necklace. Perhaps I'll get a replica made of it some day.